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Welcome at the webportal of The Solarians
Alliance Faction Guild - Silvermoon EU
The Solarians are a team of mature and enthusiastic players.
Our raid events are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays from 20:15 - 00:00 server time.
We generally donít accept players under 16 unless they can prove to us that they have the right attitude.

Although we play for fun, we do have a more serious side.
We ultimately want to explore and experience all the game has to offer.

All Guild activities are suspended until further notice.

If you like to join us please register and post your application.
June 2009: Auriaya
June 2009: Kologarn
May 2009: Ignis the Furnace Master
May 2009: XT-002 Deconstructor
May 2009: Razorscale
March 2009: Kel'Thuzad
March 2009: Sapphiron
January 2009: Sartharion
October 2008: Zul'jin
September 2008: Akil'zon
August 2008: Nalorakk
June 2008: Netherspite
May 2008: Nightbane
Prince Malchezaar
May 2008: Prince Malchezaar
May 2008: Terestian Illhoof
May 2008: Shade of Aran
March 2008: Chess Event
March 2008: The Curator
March 2008: Opera Event: Wizard of Oz
March 2008: Opera Event: Romulo & Julianne
March 2008: Maiden of Virtue
March 2008: Moroes
March 2008: Attumen the Huntsman
September 2007: Attumen the Huntsman